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Vaporfection viVape

Vaporfection viVape

The all new Vaporfection viVape has replaced the original Stelth Novus. The viVape is the first vaporizer to use a full color touch screen display! Manufactured in the United States, using only the most high quality materials and the patented Vapor Glass heating element. The all-glass elements ensure the healthiest and smartest vapor delivery system available today. The Vaporfection ViVape has the versatility of both bag and wand delivery in one unit. The patented Vapor Sense technology boasts a less then two minute start time. The viVape is sure to revolutionize the dry herb vaporizer tank experience once again.

Coming soon! Pre-order yours today!

viVape comes sold with:

1 viVape
1 Power cord
2 Custom Tapered Bags
1 Medical Grade Hose (3 Feet)
1 Wand/Whip Herbal Glass Container
1 Glass Mouthpiece
1 Vapor Valve
6 Screen Replacements
1 Stir Stick/Screen Replacement Tool
2 Medical Grade Tie Wraps
1 Owner’s Manual
1 Warranty
1 Owner Registration Card