/Herbal Vaporizer Vapir One v.5
Herbal Vaporizer Vapir One v.5

Herbal Vaporizer Vapir One v.5

What is the best temp to use when using this machine while vaporizing Mary-Jane? I am still not sure about how to use the machine to the fullest and would like some help from people who own one, so if you do have that brand and model your answers may not be helpful. Also, does the heater go off after like 10 minutes with yours or does mine have an issue?

The vapirs are kinda weak, it’s difficult to tell when it is vaporizing successfully and when it’s not. Generally speaking if it is heated up and you put in the disc, turn on the fan; you inhale until the taste changes indicating you’ve removed all the active ingredients. The newer ones have an auto off feature.
Plastic vaporizers often have a plasticy smell that I don’t like.

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