/Vapir Classic Corded Vaporizer
Vapir Classic Corded Vaporizer

Vapir Classic Corded Vaporizer

Vapir Vaporizer Digital Air Classic History
This classic digital air vaporizer was introduced by Vapir Vaporizers (marketed under the name AIR-2 or Vapir Inc.) in the beginning of 2002. But since then, there have been many changes and upgrades in this corded vaporizer by Vapir, take this from best online vape shop.

Vapir Vaporizer Digital Air Classic Package
This classic vaporizer comes in a complete package that includes an instruction manual, an audio CD which is also instructional, a vaporizer unit that is completely digital, a matrix tube accessory, a 100V to 240V world adaptor, a pair of herb disks (empty), tubing, a custom fit small protective casing and a warranty card from Vapir. There are lots of vape store online that sale this.

Vapir Vaporizer Digital Air Classic Heating Element
The classic corded vaporizer comes with an innovative heating element made up of quartz crystal, and the system includes herb disks that make it absolutely accurate with no chances of errors. The highly developed heating element permits three different people to use three separate inhalers with the use of a single herb disc. The interesting part here is that all these operations do not use the original herbal blend.

It is also possible to attain the self required temperature of vaporization with the supercharged engine of this digital vaporizer that allows you to read the temperature in Celsius as well as in Fahrenheit scale, we can say that he has a very good vape battery.

Vapir Vaporizer Digital Air DVD
Each of this vaporizer includes a DVD with complete instructions for your help. In addition to this, it is also equipped with an adaptor of 100V to 240V that enables you to operate the vaporizer in any part of the world.

Vapir Vaporizer Digital Air Classic Grinder Compatibility
The labor-intensive task of grinding all the desired spices and herbs is reduced with the help of this element spice (herb) digital grinder. The digital grinder provides quick, simple and effortless grinding and this element grinder is available in a range of colors like purple, green, red and black.

This grinder uses a vape batteries of 9 volts and while in work, it emits a clear transparent glow. The grinder is designed only to be employed with the Vapir vaporizers, a very similar to pax vaporizer.