How to Clean and Maintain a Vape Pen

Endura T18 INNOKIN 1 vape pen

Endura T18 INNOKIN 1 vape pen

A young tan girl is standing outdoors wearing a tank top with a tropical motif. A purple Ooze Quad vape pen battery in her hand is the focal point of the photograph, and she is holding it in her right hand.


Vape pens are a simple battery-powered device to which you can attach a pre-filled oil cartridge with a 510 thread. These are frequently single-use cartridges that can be purchased from a dispensary that have already been pre-loaded with cannabis oil. This oil is derived from the cannabis plant and contains a variety of cannabinoids as well as terpenes, which give it its distinctive taste.


The majority of pre-filled oil cartridges available on the market have a “510 thread.” 510 thread cartridges are those that have a physical connection to your vape battery, and the majority of vape pens are designed to be compatible with 510 thread cartridges.


Main Components of Vape Pens

510 thread vape pen
510 thread vape pen

Varying pens have different structure, yet at their heart they are all the same. The following are the most common components of a vape pen:


All vape pens need a source of electricity to function. In most cases, batteries are lithium-ion and can be recharged using a micro USB cable. The battery life varies from one model to the next, depending on how it is used.


Oil or e-liquid is held before it is vaporized in the tank. Some tanks are refillable, while others are disposable pods. The majority of chambers are made of clear plastic so that you can see when it’s time to refill or replace the tank.

Heat is used to evaporate the substance in an atomizer in order to create cloudy mist. Resistance between the battery voltage and the coil is created by this coil. Ohms units are used to measure this. Read more about possible heating problems here.

Vape pens cannot function without a charger

Charging occurs via a mini USB cable that is inserted at the bottom of the pen. A charging cable is included with the majority of models.


When you inhale from your vape pen, the clouds exit via the mouthpiece. The fluffiness of the clouds and the depth of taste you will perceive may be affected by the mouthpiece’s opening width. Designed to feel good when you put your lips around them.


Some versions include buttons that can be activated by drawing on the pen. A button to activate the atomizer will be found on certain versions of e-cigarettes. To switch on and off your vape pen or adjust the strength of its atomizer, the owner’s handbook will tell you how to do so. Typically, there is just one button on a vape pen.


How to Clean a Vape Pen

Maintaining your vape pen is essential to ensuring a pleasant experience when using it. After each usage, you don’t have to wipe your pen. Every few sessions, it needs be cleaned. This prevents the pen from being clogged due to accumulation of debris. Listed below are a few techniques for cleaning your e-cig:


  • Vape pen disassembly is required. Remove the mouthpiece from the syringe. Remove the batteries from the tank. For the most part, you can just unscrew the components one by one. In the event that you are unclear of how to proceed, consult your owner’s handbook.
  • Use a cotton swab to wipe off the inside of the mouthpiece. Don’t forget to wipe down everything that comes into contact with your mouth and saliva. Stains, as well as germs, may be removed from your gadget by simply using rubbing alcohol. Make sure that all of the intake and exhaust ports are clean.
  • Keep an eye out for the coils when cleaning. The coil might be damaged if it is subjected to too much pressure. Without it, your pen won’t be able to function properly. A tiny dab tool or other metal instrument is preferred. This manner, you can get rid of the residue and prevent it from accumulating in the first place. By lowering the temperature in the chamber, buildups tend to shrink in bulk.
  • Clean the device’s outside completely using a soft cloth. It’s a good idea to clean your pen using a cotton swab or cotton towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.
  • Make sure all the pieces of your vape pen are totally dry before using it. To dry the components, do not use a cloth. When cleaning with alcohol, it’s best to let them air dry so that the sanitization may be maintained.


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