What is a cheap dry herb atomizer?

A cheap dry herb atomizer is a dry herb vaporizer, bought at a lower price, saving the money in your pocket. It is Wallet-friendly. This vaporizer produces low heat due to the temperature settings. Hence, has only a  few risks.

Many of the people think, buying a dry herb vaporizer at a higher price gives them a wonderful vaping experience and satisfaction.

But, this is not true.

You do get the same experience and satisfaction with a cheaper one too.

All you have to do is to check on the quality of the herbs you use in your vaporizer. The better the quality, the better is your vaping experience.

Enough of paying high for a vaporizer.

Even if you are a beginner or a person who wish to vape, without compromising on the quality, never mind.

I am here, to guide you to get the best dry herb vaporizer in town.

Before getting started, you should know what a dry herb vaporizer is and why you use it while there are many out in town.


What is a dry herb atomizer?

It is just is a vaping device that has a heating chamber and a coil to heat the herbs. There is no combustion or smoke.

The device heats the herbs to a particular temperature below the burning point. The vapor from this convection heating is flavorful and satisfying.

Considering the types of dry herb vaporizers, they are of two types: the desktop vaporizers and the portable vaporizers.

Both share common elements except for their size and power source.

The portable ones are much preferred as they are significantly designed for on the go and effective vaping.

So, now you know about the dry herb vaporizer.

Let me explain to you about the benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer.


Are dry herb vaporizers good?

Before going to the question ‘Are dry herb vaporizers good?’ You should be clear about the difference between the terms convection and combustion.

Yes, they are two different terms with a different meaning.

Here, the most efficient dry herb vaporizer uses the convection method. The herbs are not burnt but heated. There is no smoke, but a flavorful vapor that you inhale.

And, Of course, this vapor is far better safer, as it contains fewer toxins and does not cause much damage to the throat and the lungs.


The reason to use a dry herb vaporizer:

We all know, there is N number of vaporizer available in the market.

But, why still the preference goes to a dry herb vaporizer?

During the early times, people inhale the smoke by burning the herbs which are hazardous to health.

But, nowadays we are aware of the side effects of vaping and need to protect us from health hazards.

To make vaping healthier and effective, or if it is for a medicinal purpose, one could use a dry herb vaporizer.

The chamber contains the herbs where the heat is being applied. There is no contact between the herbs and the heating coil. The vapor released by convection heating is cooler than the smoke from combustion.

This reason makes the dry herb vaporizer safer to use.

You may probably be wondering about the best vaporizer to grab your hands on.

Believe me.

I got it covered for you.


The best cheap vapes in the market for you:

It is unnecessary to waste your money on something expensive, while you get a good vape at a lower price.

Think about it.


Some of the best dry herb vaporizer under 100 in 2018 are :

  1. Mig Vapour black sub herb vaporizer.
  2. VapCap M-cheapest dry herb vaporizer.
  3. Mig Vapor the Herb-e Micro Vaporizer.
  4. Flowermate V5s.
  5. Xvape Starry.

These are the best dry herb atomizer in 2018 and you could get these vapes at online vape stores.

What makes a good vaporizer?

  1. What makes a good vaporizer?

People always look forward to finding a vape that is worth their money; but, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! It is a real pain in the ass when you are choosing not just the good but the best dry herb vaporizer for you.


What vaporizer is the best?

There are a lot of things to consider in choosing the best and most efficient dry herb vaporizer or vape pens. You might want to consider the following factors of the best dry herb vaporizers, especially for beginners.

PRICE. Quality always come with a price. So, if you want to have the best and most efficient dry herb vaporizers, then do not buy the cheap ones. This may cause you different problems in the future.

SMOKE. Should you see smoke when using a vaporizer? Well, definitely yes! But the best vaporizer actually produces less smoke. When there is less smoke, it also follows that your dry herb vaporizer will smell less. Do not be fooled by the information that odorless dry herb vaporizer exist because they do not. The only truth about vapes is that their odor can be lessen if there is less production of smoke.

TEFLON FREE. As portable vape pens came to its popularity, some vape brands used polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), most commonly known as Teflon, in some portions of the vape pen as a non-sticky coating.

Studies have found out that Teflon may be melted when the product is used and may exude hazardous substances such as polymer exhaust. When inhaled, these exhaust may result to polymer fever, also called Teflon Flu.

In order to address this problem, well-known vape brands found a way to totally remove the Teflon content in their product. Therefore, make asking questions a habit and ask the manufacturer if their product if Teflon free.


ACCESSORIES. Vape pens accessories are mostly made up of copper and some are made up of stainless steel.  The problem with copper made vape pens is that when the vape heats up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, it has a tendency to produce exhaust that may result to metal exhaust flu. Although most vape pens do not really reach this temperature but one must be given a caution.

Stainless steel made accessories, on the other hand, are not common in the market but they are safer than copper because they do not burn easily in extreme heat.

BATTERY CAPACITY. There are already vape pens products where you can take control of the heat to burn the substance inside. Little did the user know that the heat they are controlling and applied to the substance also affects the batteries. There are batteries that cannot take a particular heat temperature that may cause it to explode. Therefore, the user must know what is the heat capacity of the vape pen battery.

According to some vape reviews, the best vape for heavy smokers should be the one that has a long battery life capacity. Since they would be using it for longer periods of time, they should invest on a vape that would last long.

PURE TITANIUM RIG. There are different types of titanium used in vape pens but the safest one would be pure titanium. It is actually hard to detect whether the titanium used in a vape pen rig is pure titanium or not, even if the product claims to have an e-rig titanium.

The best way to know is to try the product yourself because pure titanium e rigs will only function if it uses sub-ohm battery. If the seller does not agree for a trial, then there must be something fishy.

5 best weed vaporizers

Tired of smoking the same old greasy bong every day? Are you looking for new ways to get high? No worries. Weed vaporizers and weed pens are your savior. As exciting as cannabis, itself, can be every time you smoke it, weed vaporizers take the experience even further.  Users have reported that the high you get from a vaporizer, is much more powerful then what you get from any other form of intake. Don’t get me wrong here, smoking a joint is a wonderful experience and it is as old school as it can get. And old school is cool! But if you want to maximize the potency of your weed, a vaporizer does a neat job.

Studies have proven vaporizers to be smoke toxin-free. This is because the vaporizer does not burn the marijuana buds rather vaporize them. This vapor is a good alternative for your health because you are using vapor instead of smoke to infuse THC into your bloodstream, and hopefully get a longer lasting trip. The quantity of THC intake per hit can be regulated as well. And it’s much higher than that of a bong with much less drag effort.

There are multiple brands of weed vape pens and vaporizers for weed you can choose from. These vaporizers come in all different shapes and sizes, with a varying price range. Devices with higher configurations and a complex design, more battery life and high wattage can cost from $199 to $400. Whereas a simple device with a user friendly control system can be as cheap as $50.

Without further ado let’s move on to our top 5 picks for vaporizers you can buy.

 G Pen Nova LXE

The G Pen is a small vaporizer with some minor controllable features on it. It is one of ‘The’ best pen vaporizers for sale! The pen is convenient for moderate usage and comes with a price tag of $59.95. The device can be set to 3 voltage levels, which gives you scope to experiment with it. And this particular configuration is impressive for a device at this price range. And LED lights to show current settings. It user an atomizer inside to burn the wax evenly.

Starry V 3

X-Max’s new Starry V3 came out this year with a small status screen and improved components. The product offers advanced mouth piece and a longer battery life. X-Max introduced this product into the market at an affordable rate of $99.95, perfect for a starter.

Pax 3

If you are looking for a bit more advanced device with brand value to its name, then Pax 3 from the Pax Labs can be a match for your taste. The device can be used for wax and dry herbs as well. Hours of battery life, 15 seconds heating time, user-friendly interface and an elegant outlook- this device offers it all for a low price of $199.95.

Solo 2

This dry herb vaporizer by the Arizers is worth every penny. It comes with an impressive screen with detailed selected set-up information and a reliable battery life. The temperature can be adjusted to impressive ranges. The device also heats up quickly. It is selling in the market for a whopping $229.99!


This German made portable vaporizer lives up to its name in size and price both! The product come with an hour and a half of battery life, houses both a convection and conduction system and a comprehensible control system. Storz and Bickel set the price for this product at $379.

There you go guys! A small insight on 5 of our top picks for the best weed vaporizers that are available in the market today. 5 bests, for you to choose from.

Vape pens for sale! Which one to get?

Read on to find the type of vape that suits you best.

Finding the right vape for you can be a tricky task. Vapes come in all different shapes and sizes, each customized to suit different people’s requirements. A heavy smoker can go for a vape with high wattage capabilities and a battery life to sustain throughout the day, whereas, a light smoker can buy a much smaller one. People who travel with vapes can buy compact ones, easier to carry in your pocket. Then again, you have the simple ones and the ones with much more configurations that allow you to control different features of the vape like the temperature.

Let’s take a look at some of the vapes available in the market today to help you find a best fit.

Electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes are regular cigarette look alike, with similar size and shape, like that of a Davidoff. It’s compact and easy to use, and takes very little space inside your pocket. There are irreparable one piece e-cigarettes available in the market. Cheap and handy! But you can also find two piece instruments with replaceable heating component and battery. The best part about these portable vaporizers is that they are cheap.

Pod Vapes

Pods are two piece vapes with a battery and a chamber at the top to carry the flavor. It’s much larger in size compared to an e-cigarette and performs more efficiently than one as well. It’s also quiet compact, and affordable, and if you want to vape to quit regular cigarettes then this device can be suitable for you. It’s very effective in delivering nic salt e-liquid, which is a nicotine containing liquid.

Vape Pens and Box Mods!

If you’re going for a bit more advanced vapes then you can maybe consider these two ‘species’. Vape pens area advanced versions of a pod but they perform much better. It has a battery component and a tank to carry the liquid, with user friendly configurations.

Box mods are even more advanced and bigger in size. It has a bottom end in the shape of a box with display screens, control buttons and charging port on it. The top bit is a sub ohm tank with replaceable coil system. And these complex cloud makers have a long battery life which is convenient for heavy smokers. The devices usually allow you to manually control temperature and wattage, so there is lots to play around with. This controllable feature also allows you to regulate your daily nicotine intake.

High Watt starter kits or a squonk?

Well these two types are the most advanced vapes available in the market. High watts are box mod kits with a lot more battery power, usually three to four. It’s efficient and powerful and can be a bit too much for a beginner. The tanks are sub ohms with replaceable coils but some manufacturers use RDA, RTA, or RDTA instead.

Squonks are a growing trend in the vaping world. It’s similar to a box mod on the outside, but the box houses a squonk bottle and a single battery. The bottle is connected to an RDA bottom-fed tank through a 510 feeding tube, and a drip tip.

Which one should you go for?

While there’s a tempting array of options out there for you, you can’t just decide to make a onetime investment and get the most advanced one. Make the investment based on your requirements. If you are a complete beginner with no smoking experience, we recommend you go for an e-cigarettes or a pod. If you’ve never vaped before but you’re a regular smoker, you can try vape pens and box mods.

There are other exotic categories of vapes that are being sold now a days. Portable vaporizers such as Dry herb vaporizers, weed pens and g pen vaporizers are quiet popular among users as well.

Troubleshoot your vape pen for heating problems!

Having trouble with your vape? Most vapes malfunction due to a build-up on the inside of the heating chamber where the coils are. Sometimes it’s the coils that need repairing or the faulty wiring underneath. Overtime, these parts lose their strength in conductivity and tolerance.

But do not worry! Before you throw your vape into the bin, give this article a read. Here we give you DIY steps to troubleshooting your vape for some common heating issues. There are different types of vape pens and they each have a different set-up, a variation in the tank or mouth piece, some even with a squonk bottle.

There are dry herb vaporizers, weed vape pens, herbal vaporizers, CBD vapes and essential oil vapes, each with different internal components. So before you unscrew your vape into pieces, try to Google the anatomy of the type of vape you have. The components that you will be working on are kind of the same in most vapes, however, the attachment style might differ from one model to the other.

What are the necessary equipment to get started?

Isopropyl alcohol, a brush, a small screwdriver to fix the coils, soldering iron, wire solder and a shrink tube, a magnet and glasses to protect your eyes.

Try cleaning it!

Your vape collects oil and debris inside and underneath the heating chamber after being used for a long time. Take off the tank and the heating chamber by rotating them both, counter clockwise. You will be exposed to the coils. Use the brush to clean the coil and the heating chamber. Use the magnet to get rid of metal fragments inside the heating chamber.

Dab isopropyl alcohol into a cotton and clean the coils. Take time doing this because residues on and around the coil can be greasy and stubborn. Do not pour the alcohol into the chamber. Take excess alcohol off by dabbing a dry cotton over it. Some of it vaporizes if you air it for a while. The coil inside your vape is the most sensitive, so be patient and gentle, but thorough. Heating the coil before cleaning it loosens the residues, making it easier for you to clean it.

Try some adjustments before replacing!

If nothing works, you may need to replace the entire heating mechanism of your vape. Just like you can buy a vape pen online, you can also buy parts and spares. All you have to do is look for it. But before re-investing, try some adjustments.

The wires inside the coil move and go out of alignment, especially if you’ve dropped your vape couple of times. This prevents the vape from heating properly. Adjust the wires with a screwdriver to make sure that the turns are consistent and without gaps in-between them.

Make sure the ends of the wire are twisted into a hook. There are two screws inside the chamber that hold the wires together. Tighten the screws gradually with a screwdriver, quarter turns at a time, and make sure the coils are aligned on top of the bottom screw which holds the coil in place. The coil should not be in contact with the walls of the chamber, except for the ends. Whether the screws are too loose or too tight, the coil will not heat. So take time doing this, and test your vape as you go.

Wire works!

Below the coil is the battery of your vape in the lowest chamber. Wires come out of the battery to connect the power source with the coils. The wires that connect these two parts may need repair if all other options fail.

Here’s what to do. Connect the wires with similar color. Twist the ends together neatly and firmly and use a soldering iron to melt the wire ends together. Don’t hold the iron for too long or else it starts melting the wires. Let the joint cool down and place a shrink tube over the opening afterwards. Heat the shrink tube with a hair dryer to insulate the opening.

Take it to the store

If you have an expensive vaporizer, and you just don’t want to risk it by trying to fix it yourself, take it to the store you bought it from. They can provide you with replacement parts. In case they don’t have the parts you need, look into online vape stores and search for parts using the brand and model name.

How safe is vaping?

Are you thinking about buying a vape? Why shouldn’t you? The rest of the kids have got one, maybe you should too. Or maybe you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes and you’re looking for an alternative. Vapes not only save you from the smoke, it can also be a great device to help you with your nicotine addiction. But before we get into the pros and cons, let’s try to understand what vapes really are.

A vape is an inhaling instrument with a tank to hold the liquid, a heating chamber to create vapor, and a vape pen battery to power the device. The configurations on a vape allow you to control and regulate the temperature and the voltage. While there are some vapes with a fixed temperature and no option to regulate. The tank or top part of the vape above the heating chamber is the tank which carries the e-liquid/flavor. The flavor contains nicotine and certain solvents such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These chemicals are carcinogenic and can be quiet harmful to your health. However, the damage is much less then smoking couple of cigarettes a day.

What’s alarming about the vaping world is that a large portion of the youth is taking up the habit. Vaping has turned into a trend!  And a lot of these young consumers weren’t smokers before. Which means vapes are initiating the habit, which can lead to nicotine addiction. Young enthusiasts can actually be influenced to turn to occasional, and for some, regular cigarette smoking through vaping.

Weed smokers have also turned to weed pens and vaporizers, and reported getting a much higher kick out of a vape. And even though the vape world has expanded to a huge worldwide community, there is not much research about the health risks and benefits of vaping.

While there are dry herbal vapes, and box vaporizers that are less harmful to consumers, vapes sometimes infuse heavy metals into your bloodstream along with toxins. Essential oils have been said to be beneficial for health. Essential oils are sensitive organic compounds extracted from pants. The aromatic composition is said to have beneficial attributes with no study to prove the point.

While some believe vape pens and vaporizers are the way out for smokers, a concerning number of researchers and users think vaping rather fuels nicotine craving. Vape flavors carry a high concentration of nicotine and other toxic chemicals.

Now let’s look at the risks more closely. Nicotine can damage cognitive development for adolescents. It increases heart rate and adrenaline secretion, resulting in a repetitive cerebral training. Pushing the brain to release dopamine into the blood stream. And in its absence the body craves for the dopamine, and lack of it can cause vomiting, headaches, nausea, loss of appetite and much more.

Given the right amount of will power vaping can be a good alternative for those trying to quit smoking. Vaping allows you to regulate the temperature. Which means, that you can control your nicotine intake with every drag you take. This helps you to take less and less every week, eventually training your brain to decrease the craving.

Apart from the health risks from inhaling from a vape, the device itself can be quiet dangerous. Vapes have been known to explode while charging. They have even exploded while someone was taking a drag, causing severe injury to the face. The liquid used in vapes are harmful as well. It can cause inflammation if it come in contact with the skin.

I still want to vape, what should I do?

Research vapes before you go buy one. Best-selling vaporizers can range from $50 to $300 based on your requirements.  Invest a little to have a safe and delightful experience vaping. Do not buy a cheap vape pen those are the ones that explode!

Quit smoking, get a vape!

How many times have you had that one last cigarette before you ‘quit’? I bet you go back to your old habits every time. The frequent headaches, nausea and sore throat, the tingling in your hands, and the constant mood swings, pull you in, doesn’t it?

Let’s get it straight, smoking is bad for you no matter what. The nicotine in cigarettes cause dopamine release in your brain. So every time you take a hit, your brain releases dopamine into your bloodstream. Dopamine increases your heart rate and consequentially, increases adrenaline secretion in your body. It makes you feel relaxed and happy, and helps calm your nerves. Which is why sometimes you smoke when you’re stressed. When you’re smoking multiple cigarettes in a day, you are reinforcing this habit which causes your brain to constantly seek nicotine to release dopamine. Hence, the craving.

So let’s get down to brass tacks! If you think it’s impossible for you to stop smoking then you’re wrong!  Rather you should consider other alternatives to help you ditch the habit. Vaping for instance, can be the first step. Read on to find out more about the advantages of replacing your smoking habits with a vape.

You’re cutting down on your chemical intake

Cigarettes contain about 7000 chemicals which gives you 7000 reasons to quit. These chemicals are visible through the tar that collects in the filters. It is what makes the filter change color. Out of these 7000 chemicals, 250 are known to cause cancer, according to US National Cancer Institute.

Vapes, on the other hand, carry far less chemicals. It consists of water vapor along with some chemicals in the flavor. Pee samples from vape users and traditional smokers have shown that the amount of heavy metal and other harmful carcinogenic chemicals are far less in those who vape.

Vaping saves money!

Vaping flavor costs around $15 to $25 and the initial cost of buying the vape itself is a one-time investment. The flavors last for about a month and a good vape of a well-known brand will hardly need parts replacements and other repair costs. Cigarette costs vary from country to country, but if you do the math, vaping saves hundreds of dollars annually. And the instrument itself is a onetime investment. The best vape pen you will find in the market will probably cost around $50. However, don’t get cheap vape pens, spend a little for a much better experience.

Control the amount of nicotine intake!

Quitting cigarettes can be a drastic change for your body to handle. The sudden drop causes all the symptoms mentioned earlier, and it makes it difficult for any smoker to quit the habit. Vapes have manually-controllable features that help you regulate your nicotine intake. This allows you to feed smaller dosage of nicotine to your brain. Every day, you can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine you’re pumping into your bloodstream. Eventually you can stop, without your body over reacting to the changes.

The aroma!

Vaping introduces you to a wide range of flavors to try, each with its own distinct smell. While cigarette smoke is intolerable for many, vapes make everything around you smell like the flavor your using. You can best vape flavors online for a cheap price.

Cigarette smoke have a ‘stickiness’ factor to it. The chemicals mixed with the chemical in the smoke causes an odor that lingers for quite a while. Vape on the hand, does not combust, the smoke is lighter so the smell leaves quickly.

Essential oils in vape are good for you

Essential oils sooth throat irritations with their anti-inflammatory properties. Some of these oils can help you with anxiety, depression and fatigue. Some of them can help you sleep faster. Essential oils can even help reduce respiratory infections.

You can buy best-selling vaporizers, herbal vaporizers and dry herb vape pens from Amazon.