5 best weed vaporizers

Tired of smoking the same old greasy bong every day? Are you looking for new ways to get high? No worries. Weed vaporizers and weed pens are your savior. As exciting as cannabis, itself, can be every time you smoke it, weed vaporizers take the experience even further.  Users have reported that the high you […]

Troubleshoot your vape pen for heating problems!

Having trouble with your vape? Most vapes malfunction due to a build-up on the inside of the heating chamber where the coils are. Sometimes it’s the coils that need repairing or the faulty wiring underneath. Overtime, these parts lose their strength in conductivity and tolerance. But do not worry! Before you throw your vape into […]

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How safe is vaping?

Are you thinking about buying a vape? Why shouldn’t you? The rest of the kids have got one, maybe you should too. Or maybe you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes and you’re looking for an alternative. Vapes not only save you from the smoke, it can also be a great device to help you with […]

Quit smoking, get a vape!

How many times have you had that one last cigarette before you ‘quit’? I bet you go back to your old habits every time. The frequent headaches, nausea and sore throat, the tingling in your hands, and the constant mood swings, pull you in, doesn’t it? Let’s get it straight, smoking is bad for you […]