Vaporizer types: what is the right vaporizer for you?

vaporizer types

vaporizer types

Several cannabis users have begun to use vaporizers, and the industry is now filled with them. If you try to find one online, you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of results. And if you’re in the real world, daily cigarette shops have hundreds of different vaporizer types at various price points.

With so many choices in front of you, it can seem not easy to select only one. Fortunately, you can take a few approaches to narrow down your options and find your ideal match. Here are a few pointers that would help you make an informed decision:

The vaporizer types

Dry herb vaporizer types
Dry herb vaporizer types

Many people are only aware of the kinds of vapes that can be kept in your pocket. However, much like computers, there are portable and desktop alternatives.

  • Desktop vaporizers: Desktop vapes may not be seen as often as portable models, but they are more likely to be recognized. First and foremost, they stand out for their styles, which often resemble miniature high-tech towers. Desktop vapes are also great for group settings because they mean that everyone gets toasted without having to wait too long. As we’ll see later, these can be very expensive, but choosing the right one is still worthwhile.
  • Vape Pen: There’s something to be said about portability, no matter how excellent a desktop vape is. Sure, pipes and bubblers are “portable,” however glass will crack in transit, and smoking a pipe or bubbler outdoors can get you strange looks. On the other hand, vape pens work in your pocket and are more durable than joints or glass. You’ll even blend in a while vaping outdoors because they look just like e-cigarettes. Check out some here.
  • Portable Vape: Finally, there is the possibility of a portable vape, which sits between those two realms. Technically, vape pens are portable, but we’re talking about more rugged ones built to achieve improved performance. Instead of being built like pens, they take on heavier, boxier shapes. Those shapes aren’t selected at random since bulkier vapes are often much more efficient than their pen equivalents. Here you have some reviews of Mighty, Airvape and Pax.

What are you vaping?

If you’ve decided on the kind of vaporizer you want—i.e., where you’ll be vaping—it’s now time to think about what you’ll be vaping. Are you more of a flower person, or do you like concentrates? Perhaps you’d like to have both choices available? With today’s vaping technology, it is possible.

  • Flower: Vaping cannabis flower brings a new spin to traditional practice.
  • Concentrates: As good as the flower is, nothing beats a hit of a potent concentrate. You’ll be stored in a matter of seconds, and the absence of plant matter makes things easier on the lungs.
  • Hybrids: Some days will call for bud, and others will call for concentrates. In that case, we recommend one of the many excellent hybrid vaporizers available. As you would expect, hybrid vapes have extraordinary chambers filled with either flower or concentrate.

Heating Method

When it comes to vape, most people are ignorant of the value of the heating process. And if both of the above strategies are called vaping, there are significant variations between them.

  • Conduction: Conduction would be more natural to those transitioning from smoking to vaping. This is when a heating apparatus is in contact with the herb or concentrate.
  • Convection: Convection, on the other hand, does not require much contact with the heating equipment and the herb or concentrate. Instead, the vapor is formed by hot air circulating through and around the substance you’re smoking.
  • Hybrid: You don’t have to choose between the two heating systems if you believe they all have advantages. Some vapes, for example, use both convection and conduction mechanisms to provide you with a smooth but efficient vaping experience.


Vaporizer Cost

Aside from anything we’ve listed, the cost would be deciding which vaporizer you select. Fortunately, there are several options available at every price range.

  • Low Budget: Don’t give up if you don’t have a lot of money to spare! There’s a pretty good chance you’ll discover an entry-level portable vape if you search at the average vape shop or store.
  • Medium budget: Are you able to pay $100 or more? With quality convection and hybrid-heating vapes entering the picture, your choices would be far broader. At this price point, you’ll also find concentrate, dry bud, and hybrid options.
  • High budget: If your estimate exceeds £250, you have the world at your fingertips. Convection and hybrid heating are the norms, and desktop vapes are well within the price limit. And if you don’t want a desktop vape, the portable solutions would be equally potent and all-encompassing.

Finding your perfect vaporizer

hippie rebel vaporizer
hippie rebel vaporizer

All that remains is for you to purchase the vape and put it to the test. We won’t tell you which one is best for you because we don’t know who you are. However, you know yourself, and you now know precisely how to choose a vape. Trust yourself and listen to those who have used the device, and you will be sure to make the correct decision.

Choosing between an e-liquid vaporizer or a dry herb vaporizer

Inhaling e-liquids is not the same as vaping dried herb. Cannabis flower of high quality is free of additives, toxic chemicals, and other pollutants. Overall, it differs significantly from e-liquids.

E-liquids are typically mislabeled, and all of them are not FDA-approved. This poses the likelihood of contaminated products and resulting illness. Furthermore, without a lab study, it is difficult to determine their contents. Dry herb, on the other hand, is a more translucent choice. High-quality flowers are easier to distinguish, and dry herb production generally adheres to a higher level.

E-liquid vapor has been shown to contain addictive agents that can lead to heart disease and some forms of cancer. However, e-liquids are not the only way to vape. Both nicotine and cannabis consumers reap the effects of vaporizing. Though tobacco is rarely if ever, vaporized in its raw state, cannabis is.

It is important to note that dry herb vapes and e-liquid vapes are not the same things. There is no such thing as the good or the bad. There is no such thing as a (vs). It comes down to personal desire. Do your homework before finding a vape that is a good match for both you and your needs.


How to use your portable vaporizer effectively.

Airvape X portable vaporizer
Airvape X portable vaporizer

Using a vaporizer is one of the healthiest ways to smoke cannabis. These devices, which vary from desktop to portable versions, heat the pot at a lower temperature than an open flame, similar to how you would smoke a marijuana cigar. Vaporizers allow consumers to inhale cannabis vapor rather than smoke. The procedure often prevents the burning of the substance, reducing potentially toxic chemicals found in cannabis smoke.

It is easy to use a vape. To efficiently pack the bowl or heating chamber of the vaporizer, split the bud into fragments. You would most likely not use more than half a gram of cannabis per usage.

Place the bud in the area where the weed will be heated and tighten the top. Set the vaporizer’s temperature using the buttons on the front or side of the unit. Most automatic devices illuminate a particular colour to signify that they are ready for use; for instance, some portable vaporizers illuminate their base to “green” after rotating through other colours during the heating process.

If you want to know what heat is best for your vaporizer, we recommend keeping it between 180°C and 210°C.

The next move is to inhale through the mouthpiece, but you don’t have to haul as deep as you can on a joint. All that is required is a deep, gentle inhale. When you exhale, a hazy cloud of vapor will form and taste fantastic in your tongue.

The device’s temperature will drop after a few drags and will most likely need to be reheated. If you find that the chamber is releasing less vapor or taste, you should drain it and refill it with more cannabis.


In Conclusion, if you want to use a portable vaporizer, go with an herbal vaporizer if you’re looking for an alternative way to get medicated without having to smoke.