The Hippie Rebel Vaporizer

hippie rebel vaporizer

hippie rebel vaporizer

Love’em or hate’em, vaporizers are here to stay. And the Hippie Rebel vaporizer isn’t going anywhere.

Wait a minute, the Hippie Rebel. Aren’t those terms contradictory or synonymous? Lots of vapers have different feelings on Hippies and rebels. In our case, this is appropriate because the same can be said for vaporizers.

The hippie rebels embrace modern technology. The device appeals if you’re tech-savvy. If you’re looking for a newly designed vaping device- Hippie Rebel is the answer.

What’s the Hippie Rebel?

hippie rebel vaporizer
hippie rebel vaporizer

The Hippie Rebel is designed, manufactured, and sold by Hippie. The Hippie Rebel marks the new beginning of innovative products. Having the best designs in the market of aromatic therapy atomizers, the Hippie prides itself in possessing premium quality features.

The manufacture ensures that each product they make is the best for aromatic therapy atomizers. It’s designed to operate via the appropriate heating method. This technique provides the vaporizer is heating up in less than 15 seconds.

Just like all its products, the Hippie Rebel is tiny enough to fit on your palm. It has small airways, and they serve the following purpose:

  • Ensures enough vapor is drawn from the chamber
  • Provides fewer vapor escapes into the atmosphere

Without further ado, let’s review the product.

What are the Specs on the Hippie Rebel vaporizer?

MaterialsGlass, Ceramic, Stainless Steel
Measurements3” x 2” x 1”
Weight4.7 oz
Battery Capacity1600mAh Li-ion
For Dry leaves
Glass airpath inbuilt within the mouthpiece
Convection heating technique


The Hippie Rebel is designed for simplicity. There’re three buttons in total: A large power button and 2-small temperature control buttons.

It’s just as simple as that: load the chamber, start the vaporizer and adjust the temperature. To load your dry herbs, slide the mouthpiece off and load your contents.

Here’s what you should expect?

What’s in the Box?

  • The Hippie Rebel
  • Mouthpiece with a glass chamber
  • Replacement filter screen
  • User manual
  • Cleaning & packing tools
  • USB Charging cable

Why should you choose the Hippie Rebel vaporizer?

hippie rebel vaporizer
hippie rebel vaporizer
  • Advanced Convectional Mechanism

Hippie Rebel Champers is designed with a liquefied mixture of vapor elements. The in-built glass airway compresses the contents under high pressure. This technique causes the contents to flow in vapor form. The combination of the dry herbs and lining of the chambers emits vapor with a beautiful fragrance.

Also, you can program the shut-off timer to your preference. With this, you’ll set the vaporizer to give a specific number of sprays after a while.

  • Vapor Quality

The Hippie Rebel is designed to produce the best vapor. The team of engineers working on the product intended to use the convection heating method. You know, one advantage of the convection method is quality vapor free of burnt tastes.

Sometimes, convection units are capable of emitting thin vapor.

Sometimes, convection units are capable of emitting thin vapor. In general, the overall production is above average. The moment you inhale the hits, expect a wispy vapor that is favorable.

  • Temperature Flexibility

The Hippie rebel is designed for freedom. It offers temperature flexibility. You have the freedom to choose the right temperature. The up and down buttons allow you to select the precise temperature. The best thing is, it doesn’t max out till it reaches 4300 F.

In short, the Hippie Rebel offers you the freedom to choose the right temperature.

  • Battery Life

the hippie Rebel vaporizers draw energy from a 1600mAh Li-Ion battery. Although, the battery life is slightly below average for a portable device. The Li-ion battery is capable of supporting 7- 8 uses per charge.

The automatic shut-off will kick in after 4 minutes. This typically means you’ve approximately 30-40 minutes per charge. This isn’t much at all. Although, it isn’t bad at all.

  • Discreet and Portable

Two things that facilitate the portability of the vaporizer – its size and battery life. The vaporizer measures 3” x 2” x 1”. This is small enough to carry in your bag or by hand. Besides, its small size makes it easy to use in discrete. It’s possible to conceal the whole device in your hand. Thus, you can vape all you want without attracting any attention.

But what about the visible vapor?

Well, if you vape at low temperatures, you won’t have visible vapor. Or if there is, it won’t be that much. A combination of portability and discreetness makes the hippie rebel suitable for vaping in public.

How to use

To start the vaporizer, press the power button five times. This procedure works to switch the vaporizer on and off. After the Hippie Rebel is on, adjust your preferred temperature and wait for 15 seconds.

When it’s ready, draw in the hot air from the chamber. The glass material above the heating chamber cools down the vapor. Thus, you’ll inhale the cool and smooth vapor, and you won’t have to burn your tongue.


When it comes to maintaining the Hippie Rebel, expect no costs or sweat. To ensure you use the vaporizer to the maximum, skim through the user manual. Ensure you understand the safety tips, and that’s is all.

Remember to clean the device after every use.


  • Portable
  • Discrete
  • Best manufacturing quality
  • Smooth hits
  • Faster heating time


  • Relatively expensive
  • Shorty warranty coverage
  • The hippie rebel is limited to dry herbs
  • The draw time is extended. you’ve to wait at least a minute to draw


The Hippie Rebel is one of its kind. One exceptional feature is that you can easily customize your vaporizer. The flexibility in personalizing it enhances optimal client satisfaction.  For instance, the hippie rebel gives you complete control of the temperature. Unlike others, you don’t have to vape on default set temperatures. The flexibility to choose extends on the calibration parameters. You can shift between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Hippie rebel is affordable, and it’s worth your cash.

As the vaper, you decide what works for you. Get the best quality vaporizer for the lowest price.