AirVape X Vaporizer Review

airvape X

Today we are able to be taking a have a look at the Airvape XS from Apollo.

This unit is one of the slimmest gadgets we’ve got put our palms on and features precise temperature manage, customizable vapor periods lengths, a ceramic heating chamber and a glass mouthpiece. So, permit’s dive proper in and see if this unit has what it takes. If that is your first time shopping a vaporizer, be sure to check out our Vaporizer Buyers Guide which is full of useful pointers of what to search for whilst shopping your unit.


How Airvape Xs Vaporizer Works

The Airvape XS is pretty trustworthy, you take away the glass mouthpiece to show the ceramic heating chamber, fill it together with your desired herbs and vicinity the glass mouthpiece again on top of the unit.

Turn the unit on through urgent the strength button three instances quickly. The show will illumate and the AirVape animation will play on the display screen observed by way of the temperature choice screen.

To set your temperature use the up and down arrow to set the unit up to 220 Celsius.

The unit will robotically begin heating and could don’t forget your set temperature for the following time you turn the unit on. Once the temperature on the show reaches the set temperature the unit will buzz to permit you to know it’s ready. Then absolutely takes attracts from the glass mouthpiece to revel in your vapor.


Airvape X 

The unit does have a countdown timer with the intention to close the tool down after three mins of use. To growth this placing to five minutes press and keep the energy button and up button at the identical time. When the time reaches 0 the unit will atomically shut itself off to preserve battery existence.

airvape x
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Temperature Flexibility of Airvape Xs Vaporizer Temperature Flexibility

This device capabilities unique temperature manipulates allowing you to set the unit everywhere up to 220 levels Celsius. This gives you a large variety to work with and maximum customers may be glad between 180C and 215C.

We love devices that offer particular temperature manage because it virtually allows the consumer to first-class-tune their vapor experience and allows them to test to discover the best temperature.


Vapor Quality of Airvape Xs Vaporizer Vapor Quality

Vapor first-rate is quite respectable on the AirVape XS that is in most cases because of its hybrid conduction & convection heating approach together with its loose-flowing airflow.

At lower temperatures you get quite a few flavors, especially because of the glass mouthpiece.

At higher temperature you can truly produce a respectable quantity of visible vapor, particularly if you push it to the max.


Manufacturing Quality of Airvape X Vaporizer Manufacturing Quality

The tool seems to be properly machined and well prepare, we did not be aware any visible defects when we pulled it from the box.

This unit has almost a cell-phone aesthetic to it, with its skinny frame, brushed aluminum outdoors and exquisite display. This unit is certainly a joy to hold and does not feel awkward at all for your hand.

The glass mouthpiece is held in place with a silicone grommet (it nearly reminds us of the Solo & Air setup) and even as we do no longer experience that this is the most perfect manner to cozy the mouthpiece in place it seems to paintings in practice. Or best worry is the silicone loosening over the years or falling off whilst it is for your pocket.

The show at the unit is well sized and the numbers can be study without difficulty. The handiest aspect we did observe became the display changed into a bit dim in our opinion in order to make it more difficult to use exterior.

Airvape XS go

One addition that could appear small but we definitely like is the haptic comments while the unit reaches temperature. We think this need to be a characteristic for each unit popping out within the destiny as it doesn’t force to look at the display screen to inform if your unit is ready.

What is maximum wonderful even though is this unit is backed with a Lifetime Warranty which we consider is the first for the enterprise. This is super because it suggests that Apollo honestly places faith in the products they manufacture and are inclined to lower back it up.



Battery Life of Airvape X Vaporizer Battery Life

The AirVape XS functions a 1300mah rechargeable battery, which for a unit this thin is pretty remarkable. The battery changed into simply custom made for the AirVape and is advertised as a “excessive excellent battery” and has genuinely been tested through their engineers for extreme situations inclusive of altitude simulation, thermal take a look at, shock/effect, external short circuit and compelled discharge to name a few.

From our trying out the AirVape lasted roughly 40 minutes to an hour with slight use.

This will obviously alternately be depending on temperature used and the period of your individual classes. This is quite average for the vaporizer market, but considering the thin design we are satisfied it’s far as a minimum average and not below common.


Portability of Airvape X Vaporizer Portability

The thin design of the AirVape makes it very transportable. It can without problems be slipped right into a pocket for easy transportation and for the most component you’ll mistake it in your clever cellphone rather than a vaporizer.

The one factor of this unit that hurts portability is the glass mouthpiece.

Because the mouthpiece is simply outfitted on with a silicone grommet it has the protentional of coming off in your pocket particularly in case you are doing a lot of moving.

Apollo does consist of a pleather case in your air vape to help rectify this trouble and the case is really quite properly made.

The most effective difficulty I even have with the case is that the easiest manner to drag the unit out of the case is via the mouthpiece and as I highlighted, it has a tendency to pop off. Which will lead to you cramming your fingers into the case to pop the relaxation of the unit out.


Airvape XS vaporizer-discreetness

Discreetness is a piece of a tossup, in case you someone pull it out of your pocket, at the beginning glance they might probable expect it’s a mobile telephone. However, when you begin to virtually use the unit human beings can be sensible to what you’re doing.

airvape X

The is not overly odorous, however due to the fact there is lots of airflow there may be extra room for fumes to break out whilst its miles use so you may additionally want to mention downwind.


Airvape Xs Vaporizer in Hand Ease of Use

The Airvape XS is an actually easy device to apply, generally as it functions an LCD show and particular temperature manipulate. Simply load your tool along with your favorite herbs, pop the mouthpiece on, turn the unit on, set the temperature and you are geared up to move!


Maintenance for the AirVape Xs have to be fairly simple as properly, the toughest component to care for can be the metallic filter out placed within the silicone grommet under the mouthpiece.

Mostly because it’s far pretty small and comes apart into 2 portions which can be hard to position again collectively. But besides that, the relaxation of the unit extremely good clean to preserve easy.