How Does Dry Herb Vaporizer Work?

best portable herbal vaporizer

best portable herbal vaporizer

The way how does dry herb vaporizer work is pretty simple and we will go into details about it in the following paragraphs. This is a vaporizer that is designed to produce a dry herb based vapor that you inhale and this is how you get the amazing aroma and flavor in your favorite dry herb products such as the herbals, Concentrated Tea, and Oil vaporizer.

There are some basic principles to understand before we continue further. When you are using a dry herb vaporizer, the product is heated and compressed so that it will form into a medium or clay like material that is safe to use.

There are two types of these devices one is called a concentrate and the other is called an atomizer.


When you are looking at how does dry herb vaporizer work, you need to understand how this type of vaporizer really works.

In a concentrate herb/tab, all the herbs are packed into the container or bag and then the heating coil or heat sink is turned on. This initial heat source warms up the herbs and allows them to release their vapors as a dry powder.

What you will experience is the initial flavorful burst from the hot steam but once the initial heat source is gone, the herbs will fall apart or if you prefer they will continue to grow.

The atomizer does not require a heating element.


Another type of dry herb vaporizer is the atomizer.

An atomizer is essentially just a plastic tube with a coil on one end and a small hole on the other. The reason why you will get a dry herb product in this type of vaporizer is because the atomizer replaces the need for a heating element by heating the herbs directly through the herb’s stem.

These are some things to take into consideration when learning how does dry herb vaporizer work. The first thing is how the oil or herbs are going to be compressed and how that is going to effect the efficiency of the atomizer.


One of the biggest concerns an individual may have when purchasing an atomizer is whether or not the oils are going to effectively be compressed in the container or bag used to store the herb product.

When the herb is placed in the container, it will create a vacuum, which is what causes the oils to be compressed.

The air pressure created in the container is enough to keep the oils from escaping. However, there is no way to compress the herbs without a heating element involved.

Just because the container has a small hole does not mean the herb will not be effective.

Some people place their dried herbs inside regular jars.

When the herbs are stored inside these jars, they will begin to dry out faster than they would if they were placed inside of a larger container. As a result, the herbs will not be as effective.

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In addition to knowing how does dry herb vaporizer work, people should also understand how much herb can be stored inside a container before using it.

When using the herb, it is important to remember to make sure everything goes inside the jar. Any water or other liquids that you want to include must be placed in a separate container so that they do not dilute the potency of the dried herb.


In terms of how does dry herb vaporizers actually work, there are two main types of vaporizers that people can use.

One type is called a forced-air herb vaporizer. This type of unit uses a fan to force hot air through the herbs. In comparison, a forced-air unit that is used with a wood or ceramic stove uses a heating element that draws in the heat and then passes it through the air evenly.

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The way how does dry herb vaporizer work is similar to how an herbal tea works.

A variety of different herbs can be included in a dry herb vaporizer. Some are very small, and others may even be smaller than the herbs that are in most teas. Many people even include ground up herbs inside of the unit. However, the way how does dry herb vaporizer work is similar no matter what kind of unit is being used.