Are you thinking about buying a vape?

Why shouldn’t you? The rest of the kids have got one, maybe you should too. Or maybe you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes and you’re looking for an alternative. Vapes not only save you from the smoke, it can also be a great device to help you with your nicotine addiction. But before we get into the pros and cons, let’s try to understand what vapes really are.

A vape is an inhaling instrument with a tank to hold the liquid, a heating chamber to create vapor, and a vape pen battery to power the device.

The configurations on a vape allow you to control and regulate the temperature and the voltage. While there are some vapes with a fixed temperature and no option to regulate. The tank or top part of the vape above the heating chamber is the tank which carries the e-liquid/flavor.

The flavor contains nicotine and certain solvents such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These chemicals are carcinogenic and can be quiet harmful to your health. However, the damage is much less then smoking couple of cigarettes a day.

What’s alarming about the vaping world is that a large portion of the youth is taking up the habit.

Vaping has turned into a trend!

And a lot of these young consumers weren’t smokers before. Which means vapes are initiating the habit, which can lead to nicotine addiction. Young enthusiasts can actually be influenced to turn to occasional, and for some, regular cigarette smoking through vaping.

Weed smokers have also turned to weed pens and vaporizers, and reported getting a much higher kick out of a vape.

And even though the vape world has expanded to a huge worldwide community, there is not much research about the health risks and benefits of vaping.

While there are dry herbal vapes, and box vaporizers that are less harmful to consumers, vapes sometimes infuse heavy metals into your bloodstream along with toxins.

Essential oils have been said to be beneficial for health.

Essential oils are sensitive organic compounds extracted from pants. The aromatic composition is said to have beneficial attributes with no study to prove the point.

While some believe vape pens and vaporizers are the way out for smokers, a concerning number of researchers and users think vaping rather fuels nicotine craving. Vape flavors carry a high concentration of nicotine and other toxic chemicals.

Now let’s look at the risks more closely. Nicotine can damage cognitive development for adolescents. It increases heart rate and adrenaline secretion, resulting in a repetitive cerebral training. Pushing the brain to release dopamine into the blood stream. And in its absence the body craves for the dopamine, and lack of it can cause vomiting, headaches, nausea, loss of appetite and much more.

Given the right amount of will power vaping can be a good alternative for those trying to quit smoking.

Vaping allows you to regulate the temperature.

Which means, that you can control your nicotine intake with every drag you take. This helps you to take less and less every week, eventually training your brain to decrease the craving.

Apart from the health risks from inhaling from a vape, the device itself can be quiet dangerous. Vapes have been known to explode while charging. They have even exploded while someone was taking a drag, causing severe injury to the face. The liquid used in vapes are harmful as well. It can cause inflammation if it come in contact with the skin.

I still want to vape, what should I do?

Research vapes before you go buy one. Best-selling vaporizers can range from $50 to $300 based on your requirements.  Invest a little to have a safe and delightful experience vaping. Do not buy a cheap vape pen those are the ones that explode!