Quit smoking, get a vape!

How many times have you had that one last cigarette before you ‘quit’? I bet you go back to your old habits every time. The frequent headaches, nausea and sore throat, the tingling in your hands, and the constant mood swings, pull you in, doesn’t it?

Let’s get it straight, smoking is bad for you no matter what. The nicotine in cigarettes cause dopamine release in your brain. So every time you take a hit, your brain releases dopamine into your bloodstream. Dopamine increases your heart rate and consequentially, increases adrenaline secretion in your body. It makes you feel relaxed and happy, and helps calm your nerves. Which is why sometimes you smoke when you’re stressed. When you’re smoking multiple cigarettes in a day, you are reinforcing this habit which causes your brain to constantly seek nicotine to release dopamine. Hence, the craving.

So let’s get down to brass tacks! If you think it’s impossible for you to stop smoking then you’re wrong!  Rather you should consider other alternatives to help you ditch the habit. Vaping for instance, can be the first step. Read on to find out more about the advantages of replacing your smoking habits with a vape.

You’re cutting down on your chemical intake

Cigarettes contain about 7000 chemicals which gives you 7000 reasons to quit. These chemicals are visible through the tar that collects in the filters. It is what makes the filter change color. Out of these 7000 chemicals, 250 are known to cause cancer, according to US National Cancer Institute.

Vapes, on the other hand, carry far less chemicals. It consists of water vapor along with some chemicals in the flavor. Pee samples from vape users and traditional smokers have shown that the amount of heavy metal and other harmful carcinogenic chemicals are far less in those who vape.

Vaping saves money!

Vaping flavor costs around $15 to $25 and the initial cost of buying the vape itself is a one-time investment. The flavors last for about a month and a good vape of a well-known brand will hardly need parts replacements and other repair costs. Cigarette costs vary from country to country, but if you do the math, vaping saves hundreds of dollars annually. And the instrument itself is a onetime investment. The best vape pen you will find in the market will probably cost around $50. However, don’t get cheap vape pens, spend a little for a much better experience.

Control the amount of nicotine intake!

Quitting cigarettes can be a drastic change for your body to handle. The sudden drop causes all the symptoms mentioned earlier, and it makes it difficult for any smoker to quit the habit. Vapes have manually-controllable features that help you regulate your nicotine intake. This allows you to feed smaller dosage of nicotine to your brain. Every day, you can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine you’re pumping into your bloodstream. Eventually you can stop, without your body over reacting to the changes.

The aroma!

Vaping introduces you to a wide range of flavors to try, each with its own distinct smell. While cigarette smoke is intolerable for many, vapes make everything around you smell like the flavor your using. You can best vape flavors online for a cheap price.

Cigarette smoke have a ‘stickiness’ factor to it. The chemicals mixed with the chemical in the smoke causes an odor that lingers for quite a while. Vape on the hand, does not combust, the smoke is lighter so the smell leaves quickly.

Essential oils in vape are good for you

Essential oils sooth throat irritations with their anti-inflammatory properties. Some of these oils can help you with anxiety, depression and fatigue. Some of them can help you sleep faster. Essential oils can even help reduce respiratory infections.

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