What makes a good vaporizer?




People always look forward to finding a vape that is worth their money; but, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! It is a real pain in the ass when you are choosing not just the good but the best dry herb vaporizer for you.


What vaporizer is the best?

There are a lot of things to consider in choosing the best and most efficient dry herb vaporizer or vape pens. You might want to consider the following factors of the best dry herb vaporizers, especially for beginners.

-PRICE. Quality always come with a price. So, if you want to have the best and most efficient dry herb vaporizers, then do not buy the cheap ones. This may cause you different problems in the future.

-SMOKE. Should you see smoke when using a vaporizer? Well, definitely yes! But the best vaporizer actually produces less smoke. When there is less smoke, it also follows that your dry herb vaporizer will smell less. Do not be fooled by the information that odorless dry herb vaporizer exist because they do not. The only truth about vapes is that their odor can be lessen if there is less production of smoke.

-TEFLON FREE. As portable vape pens came to its popularity, some vape brands used polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), most commonly known as Teflon, in some portions of the vape pen as a non-sticky coating.

Studies have found out that Teflon may be melted when the product is used and may exude hazardous substances such as polymer exhaust. When inhaled, these exhaust may result to polymer fever, also called Teflon Flu.

In order to address this problem, well-known vape brands found a way to totally remove the Teflon content in their product. Therefore, make asking questions a habit and ask the manufacturer if their product if Teflon free.


-ACCESSORIES. Vape pens accessories are mostly made up of copper and some are made up of stainless steel.  The problem with copper made vape pens is that when the vape heats up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, it has a tendency to produce exhaust that may result to metal exhaust flu. Although most vape pens do not really reach this temperature but one must be given a caution.

Stainless steel made accessories, on the other hand, are not common in the market but they are safer than copper because they do not burn easily in extreme heat.

-BATTERY CAPACITY. There are already vape pens products where you can take control of the heat to burn the substance inside. Little did the user know that the heat they are controlling and applied to the substance also affects the batteries. There are batteries that cannot take a particular heat temperature that may cause it to explode. Therefore, the user must know what is the heat capacity of the vape pen battery.

According to some vape reviews, the best vape for heavy smokers should be the one that has a long battery life capacity. Since they would be using it for longer periods of time, they should invest on a vape that would last long.

-PURE TITANIUM RIG. There are different types of titanium used in vape pens but the safest one would be pure titanium. It is actually hard to detect whether the titanium used in a vape pen rig is pure titanium or not, even if the product claims to have an e-rig titanium.

The best way to know is to try the product yourself because pure titanium e rigs will only function if it uses sub-ohm battery. If the seller does not agree for a trial, then there must be something fishy.